Prabakar ♡ Harini


Waking up at 3:00 in the morning with freshly brewed coffee in hand sitting on the balcony, surrounded by dew drippingleaves. Coming back from a long break, I was really excited to shoot. P & H are cheery; excited and madly in love. They were clear about their expectations.

It was impossible for anyone to say P & H are arranged because they share an amazing chemistry even before their wedding. The shoot gave them the opportunity to connect with each other and express their emotions in silence. I took this to my stride. It also made me wonder how all the cliched phrases come true. It’s hard to find such intimacy so pure. Their eyes sparkled as they drowned in their emotions, their laughter turned to gentle smile, such calmness in the sturdy waves.

Looking back on an ordinary day where love can make it extraordinary.


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